Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What solution do you use?

Coco Glow Airbrush use the exact same tanning solutions as the Kardashian’s spray tan artist. The cleanest highest quality solution on the market.

-100% Organic Paraben Free

-Gluten Free

-Eco-certified DHA,

-100% Vegan,

-Nut allergen free.

2.) Does your spray tan solution smell?

No! No smell but we take it a step further and you will not feel sticky. Our solution will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

3.) How far in advance do you suggest getting my spray tan if I have an event Saturday?

This is a popular question that we are asked a lot!

Book your appointment 1-2 days prior to your event. We are very flexible with our appointment hours as we understand everyone has busy schedules - especially with having to wait for showering. That’s why we offer late night appointments so you can go right to bed and wake up to shower and go!

4.) How long does it a spray tan take?

An appointment is about 30 minutes which includes set up, tanning, and break down.

Every appointment includes a color consultation even if we have tanned you before -


Different times of the year, events, and outfits for certain events may influence how natural - to dark you would like your coloring.

Coco Glow promises our clients 100% the best customer services to ensure the BEST outcome.

5.) How long will my color last ??

On average 5-7 days.

Important factors such as skin types, activity (working out / hot yoga / sweating ) may cause your results to vary

6.) I had a horrible experience experience before - will I look orange with your solution?

This is such a popular concerned - we received so many messages about this!
NO! You will NOT look orange - that horrible outcome is due to the solution that tanning companies use (Low grade DHA and/or low quality products aka CHEAP!)

We use the exact same tanning solutions as the Kardashian’s spray tan artist. Our solution has the highest quality component.

The color you see at the time of your appointment will be the color of your tan. Theres no surprise as there are with other solutions such was getting darker the next day or after you shower.

7.) How long after getting a tattoo can i get a spray tan?

Two weeks after getting a new tattoo ( OR getting an existing tattoo touched up) it is safe to get a spray tan.

It is very important to keep a new tattoo hydrated- and our tanning solution has natural hydrating components that will help keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

8.) I am pregnant is it safe to get a spray tan?

Yes. Coco Glow only uses a solution that is 100% organic but we take it a step further and is paraben free, gluten free, eco-certified DHA, 100% vegan, and nut allergen free. COCO GLOW solutions only has a SIX month shelf life due to the natural and hydration water based component. We are happy to send you a list of ingredients to verify with your doctor.

9.) Do I need sunblock with a spray tan?

Yes! You still need to use SPF when you have a spray tan.

10.) How long until I can shower after my appointment?

6 hours.

11.) How do I prepare for my spray tan?

Shave and exfoliate 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. Pay special attention to knees, elbows, and ankles these areas tend to have dry skin buildup. Skip the lotion after your shower. Please take a body rinse ( NO body / face soap) in warm water 30 min before.

12.) What do I wear to my spray tan appointment?

No makeup, lotion, body oil, or perfume. Wear dark colored and loose-fitting clothing to go home in. No jeans, leggings, or tight-fitting shirts. Coco Glow supplies disposable tanning thongs/bras if needed.

13.) What do I do after my appointment?

Stay dry for 7 hours. Stay away from anything that exfoliates your skin including facial scrubs, waxing, band-aids, and nail polish remover. After shower please PAT dry skin - no rubbing. Don’t let wet hair rest on back!

14.) Will your solution irritate my eczema?

No it will now. The pure ingredient in our solution will not irritate your eczema.

15.) What products do you suggest I use?

Aveeno (oatmeal one) and cetaphil. Absolutely do not use Dove soap, or anything that has oil in it.

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