Best Time To Get A Spray Tan Before The Wedding?

COCO GLOW recommends our brides to get a spray tan *2* days before the wedding date.

Wednesday and Thursday are the perfect days for all of the brides and their bridal party to get their tans for Friday and Saturday weddings.

You'll have plenty of time for the spray tan to set in completely and fit in a couple of showers to remove the top layer of bronzer and soften the tan so it is picture-perfect.

This timing also keeps your fresh spray tan from interfering with your rehearsal dinner.

COCO GLOW Tip: NEVER get a spray tan or use a self-tanner the day of your wedding!

Try it prior to the wedding?

Absolutely YES!

If you have never had a spray tan before and you are not sure what to expect you should 100% get in for a trial run before the big day. We promise you will LOVE IT!

COCO GLOW recommends that you coordinate your spray tan trial 2 days before your hair and makeup trial!

You'll have a complete look and the perfect makeup color already chosen before your wedding date and there is nothing to worry or stress over. - It makes your life easier to have all of these details already worked out.

You'll also have plenty of time for the tan to completely fade away in case it’s not your thing and if you do love it then there is enough time for you to get another one without layering new tan on top of old, ensuring that you are perfectly bronzed for the big day.

Layering a fading tan with a fresh spray is NOT recommended for brides.

We need your skin looking flawless for your photos.

Often our brides are coming in for several tans leading up to the BIG day. *Engagement photos, bridal shower, and bachelorette party are all great opportunities to experiment with color to get the perfect look for your wedding day.

How do I organize my other beauty services and my spray tan?

When organizing your appointments for your beauty routine the main thing to remember is that your spray tanning appointment is LAST!

Once we get the COCO GLOW on you then we are all done with the beauty prepping.

The reason we need to keep things in order is that waxing removes skin along with the hair and will remove your tan leaving white patchy looking places. Not the look we are trying to achieve.

We need you to have your nails done before your COCO GLOW spray tan because of all the chemicals that are involved with the process of putting nails on and taking them off.  Acetone, nail drying agents, exfoliators, lotions, and oils are all damaging to your tan.

You will be showing off your new ring and we want your hands looking perfect without white areas where they soaked your tan off along with the old set of gel nails that you had on.

How To Wash Your Face After A Spray Tan

Washing your face after your spray tan needs to be done gently. Especially if this is your wedding spray tan.

Please don’t use harsh products.

Please don’t use acne washes or spot treatments on your sunless tan.

Please don’t scrub your face with facial wipes that contain exfoliators and chemicals.

DO USE a mild cream cleanser that is for sensitive skin to wash your face with GENTLY.

This ensures that your airbrush spray tan on your face has made it to the wedding day intact and that your makeup artist isn’t having to repair damage before she starts applying your makeup.

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